MedakaBase for medaka fish biology by NBRP

The status of this webserver, including maintenance plans, is announced under the Twitter account @NbrpMedakaOmix.
Other resource sites for medaka omics and some useful tools are introduced in this page.

Search tips

Example Search results
ENSORLG00000003517 The specific target is shown
"GMP synthase" The full name including the space in between is taken as a search word
foxl* '*' is taken as a wildcard and all of foxl1, foxl2 and foxl3 are shown
"elongation factor" +transcription Both words are taken as search words
"elongation factor" -transcription Matches to the second word are excluded from those to the first word

Assembly and annotation versions adopted in this site

The current version of genome assembly and annotation is as follows.
For use of the data indicated with '#' in publications and data presentations, please contact us (see below for the contact detail).

Species Genome Annotation
Oryzias latipes (Hd-rR) ASM223467v1 Ensembl: Release 107, NCBI: Release 103
Oryzias sakaizumii (HNI) ASM223471v1 Ensembl: Release 107
Oryzias latipes (HSOK) ASM223469v1 Ensembl: Release 107
Oryzias javanicus (Penang) OJAV_1.1 Ensembl: Release 107, NCBI: OJAV_1.1
Oryzias celebensis (Ujung pandang) OryCel_1.0 Ansai: 1.0
Oryzias mekongenesis (Kalasin) fOryMek1.1# NBRP Original: Helixer 1.0#

Inquiries and feedback

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